3 Applications: Where to Find Atlas Steel

Aluminized steel, stainless steel, and our array of other steel products end up in places that even we didn’t expect.

As you might predict, steel is absolutely essential to everyday life. Because of its reliability and versatility, our steel is used in energy generation, transportation, agriculture, mining, construction, and more. But did you know that our steel is used for both military equipment as well as more mundane civilian equipment such as grills?

At Atlas Steel, we take pride on the versatility of our products and the real change our work makes in the world. For that reason, this month’s blog post will be reviewing 3 applications of our steel that you might not expect.

1. Transportation Applications

Our steel is critical for the transportation of products both throughout the nation and internationally. Naturally, it’s of great importance that our steel is reliable for every step of the journey. In the past, our steel has been used to transport fuel across the nation on the backs of semi-trucks (take a guess whose steel those trucks use!) which rely on stainless steel and aluminized steel to keep the contents secure.

2. Mining Applications

The process of mining is, as you might expect, harsh. Proper mining equipment must be able to endure intense heat and friction, exposure to the elements, and repeated abrasive procedures over a long period of time. To create mining equipment that not only stands the test of time but does its job effectively, only the strongest, most reliable material can be used. That’s why we create steel coils and stainless steel sheets tested to withstand the many conditions that a mining operation calls for.

3. Everyday Applications

One of the most important applications of our steel may be in the residential sector. Our steel is the backbone of everyday appliances such as plumbing, HVAC equipment, flame arrestors, and more. It’s of the utmost importance that we cultivate only the highest quality steel possible, or else these critical tools of everyday life could malfunction and cause damage to the environment, homes, and even people.

Here at Atlas Steel, we take pride in our work; and it’s a good thing we do. If a society couldn’t rely on the steel it uses every day, then that society would be just as brittle as the poor steel it’s built on. At Atlas Steel, we seek to provide you with the steel you need every day. If you’re interested in learning more about our steel and how you can use it, contact us today!