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Services from a Steel Service Center

At Atlas Steel, we take service as a steel service center seriously. Over the years, Atlas Steel has gained a reputation as a provider of value-added services for its customers of heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel, aluminized steel, and more. Each associate looks to find ways to make customers’ steel products perform better in whatever manufacturing process they will undergo.
Our associates are known as innovators with a broad understanding of the steel supply chain and how to make it work better for our customers. Whether they are operating processing equipment, writing an order, packaging, shipping, or developing a new customer application, Atlas associates recognize opportunities to serve and do what they can to fulfill them. Our goal is to provide steel that makes customers’ products superior, and their plants run better. Contact us with any questions you have about the services listed here to learn more about what Atlas Steel can do for you.


Building a world-class steel service center requires more than investing in technology; it also demands a commitment to company-wide training and staff engineering skills. Our sales associates are among the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to heat and corrosion resistant metal products. We also employ veteran operators whose knowledge and experience help ensure the utmost in technical service on all our processing lines. Between their expertise and that of our metallurgist, our team assists customers in developing product applications, helps solve manufacturing challenges, and provides answers about our metal capabilities where needed.

Value Analysis

Atlas Steel associates are skilled at assisting customers with steel value analysis services. We work with customers to gain understanding and perspective on their metal needs, and then recommend ways in which they can get additional value from their steel supply. Our specialists’ value analysis may result in new recommendations for materials, metal thicknesses, or even coating weights that can save you on costs.
We also analyze customers’ material handling processes, their tools and dies, maintenance, material flow, and production design. We then recommend the best metal and specifications for your needs, as well as material handling and manufacturing recommendations.

Delivery Performance

One of many key performance indicators that Atlas monitors is our on-time steel delivery performance. At last measurement, we consistently hit 99% or better on-time delivery. Our Twinsburg plant is located near Cleveland, Ohio, in the heart of the U.S. steel-processing region. We also depot steel in several other locations around the country. All these partnerships are done with the purpose of ensuring deliveries for our customers.

Atlas Inventory Management

Atlas Steel has developed a special systematic process to provide world-class steel inventory management services to our customers. Our customers know they can rely on Atlas Inventory Management to ensure the materials they need are properly processed, stocked, and delivered precisely on schedule. We developed the AIM system to ensure that we would always have the right materials, the right quantities, and the right price for each of our contract customers. In short, we manage your inventory from order to delivery. The exclusive AIM system gives our customers peace of mind about their materials. The benefits of the AIM system are increased productivity, improved efficiency, higher yields, and lower total cost for you.


Atlas Steel associates are trained to add value for customers by helping them develop the right fit between various metals and applications. Our steel application development process includes value analysis and value engineering. Our associates listen and learn from our customers, then apply their knowledge to recommend the right material, perfect for our customers’ products and manufacturing processes, without over-specifying. Some past examples of applications we assisted included a metal utility that needed more corrosive resistant metal, adjustment of material chemistry for an exhaust tubing manufacturer, and more.

Customer Care

“Customer Care.” It’s what defines Atlas Steel. We come to work every day with Customer Care on the top of our priority lists. We know that our customer service must exceed your expectations, because we know that is how great working relationships are formed. You have many options in terms of steel suppliers, so when you entrust us with your business, we aim to exceed your expectations. From the moment we make contact, you are our most important customer. Your inquiries are handled promptly, your order is booked properly, your steel is processed precisely, and your materials are shipped to arrive when you expect them. When you have a question or concern, we are here for you.

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