4 Capabilities of the Atlas Steel Metal Service Center

As a metal service center, we here at Atlas Steel are constantly working with our customers to create value-added steel solutions. We’ve been serving the Midwest as a steel manufacturer for decades, and we know more than anyone how important it is to have the right tools for the job. That’s why our customers prefer us for our 5 different value-added capabilities.

But all this begs the question: what are our capabilities? And, why might you need them in the future? Well, in today’s blog post, we’ll be answering all this and more as we discuss 4 of our capabilities as a metal service center.

1. Slitting

Our precise steel slitting services are absolutely critical for many of our customers. Depending on the type of steel you work with and how it’ll be used, our team will help you decide which thickness is best for your slitted steel. We’re capable of working on a material thickness between .010 and .135, and will even provide coils measuring from ½ inch width all the way to 60 inches.

Industries that require slitting: agriculture, construction, transportation.

2. Steel Leveling

Similar to our slitting process, we’re capable of providing a wide range of steel leveling services. We work with materials of thickness between .015 and .135 inches, and on coils ranging from 3 to 60 inches. On top of that, we also cut material between 14 and 72 inches long, and can provide for requests of longer lengths, too.

Industries that require steel leveling: food processing, medical technology, automotive.

3. Tubing

You can’t really call yourself a metal service center if you don’t provide services for steel tubing. That’s why we offer a large range of diameters and wall thickness for any order. Moreover, we go through great lengths to test your steel tubing is in top condition, which is why we perform:

  • Crush tests
  • Bend tests
  • Weld checks

Industries that require tubing services: construction, oil and gas, agriculture, aerospace.

4. Surface Finishing and Polishing

The last service we’re discussing today is our surface finishing and polishing service. Not only will our finishing and polishing bring out the beauty of your steel parts, but we also provide PVC coating to protect surface applications.  Some of the finishes and polishes we provide are:

  • 2B finishing
  • 2D finishing
  • Bright annealed finishing
  • 3 polished services
  • 4 polished services

Industries that require surface finishing and polishing: Construction, manufacturing, furniture.

While we’ve covered a lot of ground today, we’ve only done a brief overview of some of the services we offer. As a metal service center with years of experience serving clients throughout the Midwest, we’re proud to accommodate custom services and requests. For more information on the services we offer, click here to contact us today.

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