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Look No Further For the World's Best Source for Aluminized Steel

Atlas Steel is the world leader in aluminized Type 1 commercial and draw-quality steel. Type 1, which meets ASTM 463-A specifications (, is known as an excellent forming steel for deep-drawing and other forming and shaping processes. Aluminized steel is perfect for high-heat situations. It retains its original appearance up to 900 degrees F, reflecting up to 80 percent of the radiant heat in its environment. This higher-heat resistance, combined with the superior corrosion resistance of the aluminum and silicon alloy coating, provides a better heat and corrosion solution than a lower melting temperature material such as zinc-coated (galvanized) steel.

Type 1 Aluminized Steel is used for a variety of applications that must withstand or reflect heat and resist corrosion cost-effectively, including such uses as water heaters, brooder reflectors, furnaces, dry kiln walls and doors, heat exchangers, drying ovens, home and industrial incinerators, space heaters, small appliances, ranges, major appliances and many others (see Applications page).

No steel service center has the depth of experience with and knowledge of aluminized steel as Atlas. Aluminized steel was Atlas’ foundation in the heat- and corrosion-resistant metal marketplace and today remains a cornerstone of our industry-leading lineup of products. We are the largest supplier of processed aluminized steel for one simple reason: our unrelenting attention to our customers’ needs.

Aluminized steel can be ordered from Atlas in several grade classifications to fit customers’ specific end uses, including:
      CS – Commercial Steel type A, B and C.
      FS – Forming Steel
      DDS – Deep-Drawing Steel
      EDDS – Extra Deep-Drawing Steel
      SS – Structural Steel
      HSLAS – High Strength/Low Alloy Steel

To learn more about aluminized steel and how it can serve your manufacturing needs, phone us today at 1-800-444-1682.

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