Aluminized Steel to Keep Up with Winter Demand

As winter approaches closer, any company that uses aluminized steel in its manufacturing of heating systems and products can count on Atlas Steel to provide everything they need. Heat exchangers, rooftop HVAC units, fireplaces, water heaters, and more all benefit from aluminized steel because of the impressive heat resistance that it offers as a core component to their build.

Atlas Steel crafts aluminized steel to any industry that is in need. As winter rolls closer, demand for materials is inevitably going to rise as the demand for the products that are made of them goes up as well. Work with our team to ensure you always get the quality aluminized steel where and when you need it.

How much heat it maintains

When you get aluminized steel from a steel manufacturer, you want to be sure you know how much heat it can withstand while still maintaining full functionality. The aluminized steel from Atlas Steel retains its original shape and integrity up to 900 degrees F, made possible by its ability to reflect up to 80 percent of radiant heat. This means our aluminized steel is more than enough to help you create the perfect heater or HVAC and know that your products will dependably work for years.

 Atlas Steel’s products have been developed over years of experience in working with steel. This means any amount of steel that you need from us on a regular basis matches that standards that we set for ourselves within the steel manufacturing industry.

Created products to last

When homeowners buy an HVAC unit, water heater, or any other home hardware, they want to be sure that they invest in one that provides them with reliable heating for years to come in their home. The aluminized steel from Atlas Steel is treated with an aluminum and silicon alloy coating, giving it superior corrosion resistance on top of its already great heat resistance. This allows any product that is crafted from the aluminized steel we offer to stand up to the test of time.

It is always the goal of Atlas Steel to provide the best steel products to our customers, and our aluminized steel provides it with materials that will help products get the hardiness and durability that consumers want.

Learning the needs of every customer and the expectations that they have for their manufactured steel, Atlas Steel exceeds customer expectations and provides unmatched aluminized steel for every industry. Contact our team today to learn on how our aluminized steel might help you manufacture excellent products this winter.