Atlas Steel: Where Does it All Go?

At Atlas Steel, we create a wide variety of steel products that simply cannot be replaced. Whether the field is mining, construction, or agriculture, Atlas Steel is the trusted provider of heat- and corrosion-resistant products that are sold all over the globe. As a world-class steel manufacturer, we’ve learned to spot the application of our products in everyday life. That being said, it’s important to ask the question: what, exactly, happens to the steel we sell?

Everyday Atlas

Much of the steel sold at Atlas finds its way into critical aspects of everyday life: aspects such as HVAC, electronics, ovens, and even grills. For these, we often sell aluminized steel, which excels at resisting heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the high heat resistance, aluminized steel sold at Atlas lasts longer in situations involving high temperatures than the average stainless steel sheet, which warps at a much lower temperature. This makes Atlas aluminized steel a strong option for any item that requires great amounts of heat to function.

Atlas Across the Country

Atlas Steel also has a wide repertoire of applications outside the everyday. The average steel coil sold by Atlas, for instance, often finds its way into transportation, where it’s trusted to transport anything from fuel to military equipment. Additionally, our stainless steel coils have proven both reliable and instrumental to the agricultural sector. Our products are often used to process sugar and irrigate crops—as you might guess, our steel is constantly put to the test against hot and wet environments. Even so, our steel has proven an essential barrier between the elements and the food resources that businesses across the nation work to create.

Finally, much of Atlas’ steel finds its way into mining, where our products help in excavating minerals to—as you might guess—be converted into resources such as steel. For this reason, it is imperative that our steel is capable of enduring some of the harshest conditions that modern industry has to offer. To put it simply: reliability is our first priority. Our aluminized steel works in tandem with some of America’s hardest workers to craft the continent’s new frontiers from the ground up. That’s why we at Atlas Steel have always and will always pursue precision, strength, and reliability in all of our creations.

If you’re looking to add your product to the long list of those who trust Atlas Steel, contact us today to begin innovating together.

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