How We Use Value Analysis to Save You Money

Here at Atlas Steel, we love making everything steel and steel based. Our passion for processing steel in all of its forms and delivering the highest quality of steel to customers everywhere has been our greatest strength throughout the years, as well as a strength we aim to hold on to for years to come. Even so, another of our deep-rooted passions as a steel manufacturer is our passion for streamlining both our business and our clients’ through collaboration and the use of value analysis.

What is Value Analysis?

Value Analysis (or Value Engineering) is the practice of applying a systematic approach of value maximization to a process or product. In other words, Value Analysis is the practice of maximizing output while minimizing input. In practice, this means exploring every option to make sure that the raw materials you’re using are specially produced to create the highest returns. However, Value Analysis equally means optimizing the tools or processes you already have on hand. To specify, this means analyzing tools, product design, and maintenance costs that create unnecessary waste in the development of your product.

How Does Atlas Steel Use Value Analysis?

We understand that the world of steel is complex, and that determining when to use aluminized steel or stainless steel can greatly vary depending on the situation you’re in and the needs you have. For that reason, our associates at Atlas Steel are trained to assist customers in discovering the ideal steel solutions for their needs. To figure out which steel solution is best, we first work with you to determine the type of steel you’ll need to use (such as aluminized steel or stainless steel), then narrow down your options to ones that save you the most money. If we discover that you could use either aluminized steel or stainless steel, then this is the point where we work with you to decide which will save you money in the short and long term.

With your permission, we’ll also take a look at the tools you have on hand. After reviewing the tools already at your disposal, we’ll recommend the tools that will maximize your returns or point you in the direction of more efficient tools if we find that you’ll save money in the long run through their use.

If you’re ready to maximize the value of your dollar, then reach out to us at Atlas Steel today to get the quality steel solutions you and your customers deserve.

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