Steel Tubing Suppliers Offer Different Solutions Where They’re Needed

When choosing a steel tubing supplier, it is important to know their capabilities before making your final decision. Steel is a versatile material, meaning it can be formed by steel supplier centers into the perfect shape for almost any application before it is shipped out to the customer.

Atlas Steel provides tubing that is round, square, and rectangular for the applications that our customers require. Although they may look similar in appearance, these differently shaped steel tubes allow for different performance in different industries, helping us to meet the needs of our customers more easily.

How they differ

So, with different shapes as an option for steel tubing, how exactly are they different? Round tubing is great for applications in a large variety of industries, from structural support systems to industrial applications like the liquid transportation systems. Square tubing is also great for structural support, as it provides different support that circular tubing. It can also be utilized in vehicle framework and interior design. Rectangular tubing is used in manufacturing of mechanical parts, engineering structures, and hydraulic systems.

Although there is some overlap in capabilities, the steel tubing that Atlas Steel provides covers a wide berth of applications for customers in almost every industry. Our team works with customers to help them find the best tubing solutions to the problems that they face.

Everything in one place

When working with a steel tubing supplier, not only is it important to know what type of tubing you need for your business, but it’s also important to know what business provides the best process for gathering your tubing. Tubing usually needs to be cut to the length that the application it will be used for requires and shaped to function perfectly.

Atlas Steel is the only aluminized and stainless-steel service center in the country that gives customers everything they need for shaping their tubing. With cut-to-length capabilities, blanking, slitting, and tube-making all in one place, you can get the exact tubing that you need, every time you order with us.

As an employee-owned business, Atlas Steel always works to provide the best steel products where we can. When you need steel tubing of different shapes and sizes that are cut to perfectly meet the needs of your applications, our team has your covered. Give us a call today to get started on your orders of steel tubing!