The Benefits of Using a Steel Manufacturer for Your Materials

Where does the steel going into your product come from? Naturally, it comes from someone who supplies steel, but how much do you know about where that steel is coming from? At Atlas Steel, we believe that you should know how your steel is processed, which is why this month’s blog post will focus on the benefits of working directly with a steel manufacturer. In particular, we’ll be covering the varieties of steel we offer as well as the capabilities we have as a steel manufacturer to craft that steel to fit your needs.

Aluminized Steel and Stainless Steel

Two of our most popular varieties of steel, our aluminized steel and stainless steel is of top-notch quality and comes in a variety of grades. For our aluminized steel, the grades are as follows:

  • CS – Commercial Steel type A, B, and C
  • FS – Forming Steel
  • DDS – Deep-Drawing Steel
  • EDDS – Extra Deep-Drawing Steel
  • SS – Structural Steel
  • HSLAS – High Strength/Low Allow Steel

For more information about these classifications and our aluminized steel products, check out our page on aluminized steel here.

Our stainless steel comes in an even more diverse array of products. Our stainless steel comes in 5 types of grading, multiple finishes, a wide variety of cut lengths, and multiple grades and diameters of tubing.

If you’re specifically interested in purchasing steel coils, then we recommend you check out our steel coil weight calculator. There, you can calculate coil weight, sheet weight, coil length, and more.

Crafted Steel to Suit Your Needs

As a steel manufacturer, we also use cutting-edge equipment to create specific steel products to suit your needs. When you work with us, we’ll pluck freshly crafted steel off the line and craft it using any one of a variety of services we offer. To be more specific, some of the services we offer are:

  • Steel slitting
  • Steel leveling
  • Tubing
  • Edging
  • Surface Finishing and Polishing

Our manufacturing equipment is the best available to weave our steel into whatever you require. We know our steel, and we understand the great many applications it’s capable of in everyday life. For more information on the steel modifications we make, click here.

If you require stainless or aluminized steel around Twinsburg, Ohio or the greater Midwest, then there’s no better place to look than the manufacturer. Or, if you require steel crafted by experts into tubing, edging, or other forms, then Atlas Steel is the clear choice. Contact us at Atlas Steel today to get in touch about the finest steel that money can buy.

Aluminized Steel