Why Should You Choose Steel Coil for Manufacturing?

When choosing a steel manufacturer, selecting one that provides steel coil can be a great benefit to manufacturing, especially if you are in the construction industry. Steel coils that are produced in a variety of sizes, finishes, and more can give you the exact material that you need to build a variety of products.

Atlas Steel crafts stainless steel coils that meet all ASTM A-240 specifications. With extensive experience and a long track record of success, Atlas Steel is the premier provider of quality steel coil that customers can count on.

What is steel coil?

Steel coil is a finished steel product that is a sheet of stainless steel that has been coiled after rolling. Rust and stain-resistant, these coils are easy to deliver wherever production plants need them, allowing the production to unwind the coil for cut-to-length stainless steel sheets. Coils may be decoiled and slit, making for a smaller coil made from the strips.

Atlas Steel’s steel coils provide stainless steel that stands up to even the most extreme temperatures and corrosive environments. We recommend steel coils for manufacturing because they provide the high-quality steel that customers can use for a variety of products.

Where is it used?

Because of the various sizes that are applied to stainless steel coils, it can be used in a variety of applications to great effect. Whether it’s building panels, roof panels, or walls for the construction industry or the manufacturing of machinery and tools because of its high heat and corrosion resistance that stainless steel in steel coil provides, there are practically limitless applications.

Atlas Steel works with a variety of product manufacturers who regularly order steel coils for their needs. We take the time to develop a close relationship with all who purchase our steel, making sure their orders are always met. When extreme temperature and corrosion resistance are needed, the steel coils from Atlas Steel are the perfect material every time.

Businesses know they can always count on Atlas Steel to provide a great steel supply experience. As an employee-owned business, we always put customers first to ensure that they are satisfied with their steel at the end of the day. When you need steel coils, the team at Atlas Steel will give you the best products and the best service. Contact our team today to get started on an order!